The St. Mungo’s Memorial Garden

The St. Mungo’s Memorial Garden

The St. Mungo’s Memorial Garden.

A place for solace and reflection

For the last few years, the Council had considered what to do with the toilet block adjacent to the Memorial Gates, however the toilet block was owned by Allerdale Borough Council (ABC). In 2019 discussions were held between both councils and agreement reached whereby ABC would hand over the plot and demolish the toilet block make good the land and provide a fence around 3 sides of the plot. The demolition took place early in 2020, and a site inspection by ATC members took place in March.



During the site inspection an idea how, the layout should look and an outline plan was drawn by Cllr. K Foy and subsequently agreed by the council. The Plan called for fencing all-round a centre plinth on which a Kneeling Tommy Figure would be mounted and a bench providing seating for those quiet moments, there would be turfed areas, and Wildflowers and Poppies seeds would be spread

In early June 2020 ABC’s contractors erected a fence around 3 sides and inserted a soakaway to the bottom right-hand side (more of that later)




It was agreed that Cllr. K Foy would act as Clerk of Works to oversee the construction. A budget was agreed at the June meeting and estimates called for. Work commenced in late Aug to level and mark out the site, minor design changes were made to make the site more cosmetically appealing, including the planting of an Olive Tree which was donated by Cllr. K Foy as a symbol of peace.

The Edgings, fence posts and the slab for the Bench were completed before work had to stop due to the uncovering of a live cable adjacent to the soakaway.


The cable was rendered safe by the utility company and work recommenced in the last week of Sept. The turf was laid, the top soil screeded and the wildflower & poppy seeds sown. The donated Olive tree of peace has been positioned to act as a privacy screen from the door of the bowling club, and the hard core followed by the screed has been laid in preparation of the retaining mesh for the pea gravel being positioned.


Following a spate of bad weather, the Plinth was cast ready for the positioning of the “Tommy” silhouette and the mounting of the plaque in memory of Sgt. Monkhouse who was KIA in 2010. Due to the contouring of the land, the plinth is marginally higher at one end to maintain a flat and level surface for the “Tommy” figure to be attached to


The grid was laid in preparation for the red shillies which forms the walk area and the new Remembrance bench has been positioned, a litter bin has been provided and the bench concrete base has been painted white to match the plinth and also provide contrast to the shillies


The red shillies have been laid including along the edge of the Bowling Club steps to provide a weed free zone and to cosmetically tidy up the site.


The bench has been bolted securely to prove anti-theft mechanism and also to provide a secure seat for visitors

The fence that runs across the front of the gardens has been erected and a self-closing gate wide enough for wheelchairs has been installed.

The Tommy figure which is the centre piece of the gardens was bolted to the plinth, a waste bin has also been provided (which we do hope visitors will use to maintain the ambience and cleanliness of the area for others).


Sgt. Monkhouse’s mother (Bobby) duly cut the ribbon to open the memorial garden after a welcoming speech by the Dep. Mayor on 4th Nov. 2020 accompanied by Cllr. Kevin Foy and Cllr. Alan Reay





Opening of the Memorial Garden (L-R)

Deputy Mayor Alan Maxwell

Bobby Monkhouse

Cllr. Kevin Foy

Now the garden is completed the council hope that the community and visitors will use it as a place of remembrance for all people who served in all conflicts whether they lost their lives in conflict or by subsequent problems.

Also, we remember the civilians & animals who assist and aid the services in all manner of ways inc. manufacture, tracking, IED Detection, support services etc. who have also lost their lives or suffering in the service of their country